​​​Copies of each of the financial audits listed below were downloaded directly from the Office of the State Auditor website

William W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community SchoolWWJD FY22 Financial Statement FINALWWJD FY21 Financial Statement FINALWWJD FY20 Financial Statement FINALWWJD FY19 Financial Statement FINALWWJD FY18 Financial Statement FINAL
Tierra Adentro of New MexicoTierra Adentro FY22 AuditTierra Adentro FY21 AuditTierra Adentro FY20 AuditTierra Adentro FY19 AuditTierra Adentro FY18 Audit
Southwest Preparatory Learning CenterSPLC FY22 AuditSPLC FY21 AuditSPLC FY20 AuditSPLC FY19 AuditSPLC FY18 Audit
Taos International SchoolTIS FY22 AuditTIS FY21 AuditTIS FY20 AuditTIS FY19 AuditTIS FY18 Audit
Sandoval Academy of Bilingual EducationSABE FY22 AuditSABE FY21 AuditSABE FY20 AuditSABE FY19 AuditSABE FY18 Audit
New America SchoolNAS FY22 AuditNAS FY21 AuditNAS FY20 AuditNAS FY19 AuditNAS FY18 Audit
New America School Las CrucesNASLC FY22 AuditNASLC FY21 AuditNASLC FY20 AuditNASLC FY19 AuditNASLC FY18 Audit
NM Connections AcademyNMCA FY22 AuditNMCA FY21 AuditNMCA FY20 AuditNMCA FY19 AuditNMCA FY18 Audit
Mission Achievement & SuccessMAS FY22 AuditMAS FY21 AuditMAS FY20 AuditMAS FY19 AuditMAS FY18 Audit
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory SchoolCCPS FY22 AuditCCPS FY21 AuditCCPS FY20 AuditCCPS FY19 AuditCCPS FY18 Audit
Digital Arts & Technology AcademyDATA FY22 AuditDATA FY21 AuditDATA FY20 AuditDATA FY19 AuditDATA FY18 Audit
21st Century Public Academy21st FY22 Audit21st FY21 Audit21st FY20 Audit21st FY19 Audit21st FY18 Audit
Albuquerque School of ExcellenceASE FY22 AuditASE FY21 AuditASE FY20 AuditASE FY19 AuditASE FY18 Audit
Anansi Charter SchoolACS FY22 AuditACS FY21 AuditACS FY20 AuditACS FY19 AuditACS FY18 Audit