​​​Copies of each of the financial audits listed below were downloaded directly from the Office of the State Auditor website

NameFiscal Year 2016Fiscal Year 2015Fiscal Year 2014Fiscal Year 2013Fiscal Year 2012Fiscal Year 2011Fiscal Year 2010
21st Century Public Academy21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdf21st Century Public Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Albuquerque Public SchoolsAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2016.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2015.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2014.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2013.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2012.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2011.pdfAlbuquerque Public Schools, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Albuquerque School of ExcellenceAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2016.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2015.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2014.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2013.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2012.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2011.pdfAlbuquerque School of Excellence, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Anansi Charter SchoolAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2015.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2014.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2013.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2012.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2011.pdfAnansi Charter School, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Anthony Charter SchoolAnthony Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdfAnthony Charter School, Audit, FY2015.pdfAnthony Charter School, Audit, FY2014.pdfAnthony Charter School, Audit, FY2013.pdf
Carlsbad Municipal SchoolsCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2016.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2015.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2014.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2013.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2012.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2011.pdfCarlsbad Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory SchoolCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2016.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2015.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2014.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2013.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2012.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2011.pdfCottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Audit, FY2010.pdf
DEAP Charter SchoolDEAP Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdf
Digital Arts & Technology AcademyDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdfDigital Arts & Technology Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Explore AcademyExplore Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfExplore Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdf
Farmington Municipal SchoolsFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2016.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2015.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2014.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2013.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2012.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2011.pdfFarmington Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Gilbert L. Sena Charter High SchoolGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2016.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2015.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2014.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2013.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2012.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2011.pdfGilbert L. Sena Charter HS, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Jefferson Montessori AcademyJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdfJefferson Montessori Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
La Promesa Early Learning CenterLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2016.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2015.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2014.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2013.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2012.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2011.pdfLa Promesa Early Learning Center, Audit, FY2010.pdf
La Resolana Leadership AcademyLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdfLa Resolana Leadership Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Mission Achievement & SuccessMission Achievement & Success, Audit, FY2016.pdfMission Achievement & Success, Audit, FY2015.pdfMission Achievement & Success, Audit, FY2014.pdfMission Achievement & Success, Audit, FY2013.pdfMission Achievement & Success, Audit, FY2012.pdf
Native American Community AcademyNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdfNative American Community Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
New America SchoolNew America School, Audit, FY2016.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2015.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2014.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2013.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2012.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2011.pdfNew America School, Audit, FY2010.pdf
New America School- Las CrucesNew America School- Las Cruces, Audit, FY2016.pdfNew America School- Las Cruces, Audit, FY2015.pdfNew America School- Las Cruces, Audit, FY2014.pdfNew America School- Las Cruces, Audit, FY2013.pdfNew America School- Las Cruces, Audit, FY2012.pdf
NM Connections AcademyNM Connections Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfNM Connections Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfNM Connections Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdf
NM Virtual AcademyNM Virtual Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdf
NM Virtual Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdf
NM Virtual Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfNM Virtual Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfNM Virtual Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdf
Public Education DepartmentPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2016.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2015.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2014.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2013.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2012.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2011.pdfPublic Education Department, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Red River Valley Charter SchoolRed River Valley Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdfRed River Valley Charter School, Audit, FY2015.pdfRed River Valley Charter School, Audit, FY2014.pdfRed River Valley Charter School, Audit, FY2013.pdfRed River Valley Charter School, Audit, FY2012.pdf
Sage Montessori Charter SchoolSage Montessori Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdfSage Montessori Charter School, Audit, FY2015.pdfSage Montessori Charter School, Audit, FY2014.pdfSage Montessori Charter School, Audit, FY2013.pdfSage Montessori Charter School, Audit, FY2012.pdf
Sandoval Academy of Bilingual EducationSandoval Academy of Bilingual Education, Audit, FY2016.pdf
Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, & Sciences AcademySouthwest Aeronautics, Mathematics & Sciences Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfSouthwest Aeronautics, Mathematics & Sciences Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfSouthwest Aeronautics, Mathematics & Sciences Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfSouthwest Aeronautics, Mathematics & Sciences Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfSouthwest Aeronautics, Mathematics & Sciences Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdf
Southwest Intermediate Learning CenterSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2016.pdfSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2015.pdfSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2014.pdfSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2013.pdfSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2012.pdfSouthwest Intermediate Learning Center, Audit, FY2011.pdf
Southwest Primary Learning CenterSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2016.pdfSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2015.pdfSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2014.pdfSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2013.pdfSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2012.pdfSouthwest Primary Learning Center, Audit, FY2011.pdf
Southwest Secondary Learning CenterSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2016.pdfSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2015.pdfSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2014.pdfSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2013.pdfSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2012.pdfSouthwest Secondary Learning Center, Audit, FY2011.pdf
Taos Charter SchoolTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2016.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2015.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2014.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2013.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2012.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2011.pdfTaos Charter School, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Taos International SchoolTaos International School, Audit, FY2016.pdfTaos International School, Audit, FY2015.pdf
Taos Municipal SchoolsTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2016.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2015.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2014.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2013.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2012.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2011.pdfTaos Municipal Schools, Audit, FY2010.pdf
The ASK AcademyThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2016.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2015.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2014.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2013.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2012.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2011.pdfThe ASK Academy, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Tierra AdentroTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2016.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2015.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2014.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2013.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2012.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2011.pdfTierra Adentro, Audit, FY2010.pdf
Uplift Community SchoolUplift Community School, Audit, FY2016.pdfUplift Community School, Audit, FY2015.pdfUplift Community School, Audit, FY2014.pdfUplift Community School, Audit, FY2013.pdfUplift Community School, Audit, FY2012.pdf
William W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community SchoolWilliam W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community School, Audit, FY2016.pdfWilliam W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community School, Audit, FY2015.pdfWilliam W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community School, Audit, FY2014.pdfWilliam W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community School, Audit, FY2013.pdfWilliam W. & Josephine Dorn Charter Community School, Audit, FY2012.pdf